Panther Company Profile & History

The company was established in 1974. And in July of 1977, the company started manufacturing its own brand of Panther transformers, concentrating on step-down transformers aiming to meet local market demands. Due to continuous efforts in technological development and production management, Panther’s reputation of reliable quality, quick delivery and competitive prices have been widely recognized. Since then, our products have become a part of every home, office, school and business establishment.

In an effort to fulfill the growing needs of our customers, Panther has since diversified its products. Today, our product lines include Automatic Voltage Regulator, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Power Inverter, Battery Charger, Power-On-Delay, Money Checker, DC Electronic Ballast, Air-con to Fan Timer, Cord Extension sets with Voltage Surge Protector, Emergency Light, Wiring Accessories and assorted metal parts.

All Panther products have been strictly tested in accordance to applicable standards. In addition to strict testing, our quality control system continually checks the quality of materials and workmanship. Therefore, rest assured that our products are of the best quality and are highly reliable. Added to that is the Lifetime Service Warranty that we provide our valued customers. That is why we at Panther Electrical Industries are proud to tell you that our products are some of the best in the market today.

Panther Electrical Industries occupies 1,200 square meters and has a total lot area of 1,680 square meters. Our factory is located at #8 Kanlong St., C.P., Llenado Subdivision, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


To provide the market with reliable and best quality Panther Products that will satisfy the needs of every consumer.


To set quality as the basic foundation of the company and to pursue success through team effort that we may contribute to the economic growth of the society.

Quality Policy

We, at Panther Electrical Industries, are committed to:

Manufacture electrical products that comply with established quality standards and regulatory requirements to satisfy our consumers, improve our products through continuing research and development to be more competitive in the market, maintain our market leadership by continuously seeking new customers while also enhancing the relationship with our existing customers, develop the skills of our employees and to provide them with a working environment that reflects QUALITY as a way of life.

The management will lead in assuring the fulfillment of its commitment for quality through the active participation of its employees and the effective implementation of the Quality Management System of Panther Electrical Industries.