Panther Uninterruptible Power Supply

NOW AVAILABLE in 1500VA and 3000VA

Uninterruptible Power Supply
Input: 220 V AC
Model No. Wattage
PUP 500 500 VA(300 Watts)
PUP 700 700 VA(420 Watts)
PUP 1500 1500 VA(900 Watts)
PUP 3000 3000 VA(1800 Watts)

Uninterruptible Power Supply, Panther’s newest offering, is now out in the market and available in 1500VA and 3000VA. Our uninterruptible power supply runs in 220 V AC. It includes three UPS outlets and three extension outlets. Panther UPS also has a built-in AVR that stabilizes input voltage.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) allows a computer to keep on running for a short period of time after the main source loses power, giving its user ample time to save necessary data and secure the operating system to perform shut down operation.